On March 23, at 19:00, we’re going to host a special event – Brno-Moscow Python Meetup sponsored by global innovative online travel agency Kiwi.com which is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic. Kiwi.com is an awesome place to work for Python devs

Three Python pros will visit Moscow and give their keynotes on this day. 


Robert Kuska (GitHubTwitter), «Most of the time I work with pythons, if not, I read, or travel, or eat, most likely sleep. I am afraid of snakes»

Feed your code to coala

«So you already use linters for your codebase but it still feels like it's not enough. You want to check for more things, and better, use your own checkers but you want it to be as easy as possible! Meet coala.io, it feeds on your code and makes it better at the same time. With (almost*) no cost».


Petr Joachim (GitHub, Twitter) , «Minimalist, father, developer»

Running Python in production

«Exploring many ways of running Python in different production environments. Starting from ordinary self-hosted old-school etc. scripts, through supervisor, ending with docker. All of this with great examples».


Ondřej Veselý (LinkedIn, Twitter), «Python developer and data analyst. In Kiwi.com he deals with huge amounts of data to enable some machine learning applications to utilise his academic background. Also co-founder of plant identification startup FlowerChecker»

Fully asynchronous queue solution with Kafka

«Showcase: Let's say we want to have an API endpoint which saves data stream with very variable flow to Postgresql. We'll use Kafka queue and various async modules like asyncio, aiokafka and aiopg with Python 3.6 syntax sugar. Based on real-case scenario».


Also in the agenda:

  1. Python-game with valuable prizes.
  2. After-party with 200 litres of Czech beer.

Meetup is supported by TravelabsitcanflyVoximplantMyBookNavigine, #tceh.

Number of seats is limited – online streaming will be available on the main page of MoscowPython website

Join now — free.


Event starts at 19:00 at serebryanicheskaya embankment 29, Moscow (Business Centre SilverCity, 1st floor, FRII City Hall).

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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